5 Ways to Stay Positive in Times of Adversity

The outbreak of COVID-19 can put a serious strain on our mental health. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has acknowledged that the anxiety of the pandemic and isolation of social distancing can have a negative impact on our moods. If you have been feeling overwhelmed, it’s important to remember that you are not alone. […]

Ergonomic Tips to Work Safely from Home

Working from home means many of us have traded in our ergonomic office furniture for makeshift stations on dining tables, spare bedrooms, or even the couch.The setting might have seemed comfy at first, but in only a few workdays many of us were experiencing new aches and pains. Back pain and stiff necks are a […]

7 Tips to Stay Productive While Working From Home

Research suggests that remote employees are more productive, losing fewer minutes per days to distractions.However, learning how to work from home and hold yourself accountable can be a challenge in itself. If you need some help to get there, here are our top 7 tips to stay productive while working from home. 1. Have a designated […]

That awkward silence before your virtual meeting starts…

You’ve got your presentation all ready to go. Participants are logging on and getting situated. It’s going to be a great virtual meeting on WebEx, Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc. You don’t want to officially begin before the publicized start time. Yet the silence is … deafening. (Did I just hear a cricket?) How to fill that […]

Holiday Celebrations, 2020-style

Managing your team? You’ve got this! Your team is a well-oiled machine, you have your systems in place, and everyone is in the groove.

Gratitude in the Workplace

With the multiple challenges presented by 2020, many are struggling to find much to be thankful for. However, an effort to single out the silver linings is worth the effort, mentally and physically.