Interview Tips

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Preparing for a Video Interview

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Avoid these body-language no-no’s in an interview

Make a Dynamic First Impression During Your Job Interview

Your interviewer is already forming their opinion of you from the moment you walk through the door–and how you present yourself will have a substantial impact on whether or not you’re hired.

Getting the Job You Desire: Preparing for Various Interview Types

Sometimes you know what type of interview you’re going to walk into and sometimes you don’t. So to be prepared for anything, let’s take a brief look at varying interview types.

How to Communicate Effectively During A Telephone Interview

Many companies start the job interview process with a telephone interview to get to know a candidate before the in-person interview. This allows the interviewer to select the best potential employee for the next step in the interview process and save a lot of time. Some people don’t represent themselves best over the phone, so […]

8 Mistakes You’re Making in Your Job Hunt – Fix Them!

Looking for a job is one of the most stressful activities in a person’s life. It is especially difficult if what you’re searching for requires certain levels of experience or you don’t meet all qualifications.