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Put a little Zing in your Resume with these 5 Easy Tips

Whether you’re actively seeking new employment or might be open to a new career move, it’s a good idea to make sure your resume is ready when opportunity knocks. Making the following simple “renovations” can transform your resume and increase your chances of standing out in the crowd. 1.      Ask yourself: “Does this need to be […]

8 Mistakes You’re Making in Your Job Hunt – Fix Them!

Looking for a job is one of the most stressful activities in a person’s life. It is especially difficult if what you’re searching for requires certain levels of experience or you don’t meet all qualifications.

The 10-Second Resume Rule: Make an Immediate Impression or You Lose

Nearly 75% of all applicants for any position are easily removed in this initial screening process. Did you get that? Within the first 10 seconds of resume review, 75% of applicants are rejected. Hasta la vista. Catch you later. Thanks for applying.

How To Format Your Resume For Internet Job Searching

Gone are the days of delivering printed resumes to your potential employer’s office. Rather, now you have to worry about keyword usage, electronic formats, and automated scanning. Learn more about how to navigate modern resume writing.